Pedal Bar Tour

Chile’s First Sustainable Mobile Bar

Use a pedal bar to travel through our winery’s idyllic setting, vineyards, and parks, passing through the estate’s historic esplanade and dairy, in a fun and relaxing outdoor environment. Visitors also receive free entry to the Museo Andino museum.

  • Tour of historic surroundings in pedal bar
  • Vineyards
  • Centenario Park
  • Old estate dairy
  • Tasting

CLP $15.000

Children up to 18 years old
CLP $3.000

Children must be at least 1.60 meters (63 inches) in height. The price is the same as the adult entry fee

Pedal Bar + Classic Tour = 20,000 Chilean pesos


Spanish 12:45pm

English 12:45pm


Tasting of two Reserva wines, and one Gran Reserva, plus souvenir wineglass.

Free travel
Museo Andino



75 minutes


Minimum quota (adults) 8
Maximum quota (adults) 12


Pedal Bar Tour
Come and enjoy with family or friends. We invite you for a memorable walk.


(From3 to18 years)

Choose the language of your preference
  • Spanish
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Pedal Bar Tour