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Located in Premium wine production region, the Apalta Valley is inserted in the middle of the Colchagua Valley, 190 kilometers south of Santiago.

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Características del valle


Here, the thermal condition is sub-humid, with an average annual temperatures of 14.7ºC (58ºF) and average precipitation of 684 mm. The most important climate factor in Apalta is the thermal oscillation that can exceed 20ºC. There are almost no frost. the high thermal oscillation and cold breeze oming from the coast along the Tinguiririca river stand out. Hills facing south, less exposure and denser vegetation.

Soil type

There soil in Apalta are cataloged in three: high, medium and low zones. The upper and middle zone contains granitic sediment deposited at the base of hillsides with frank - sandy texture - argillaceous in the high and free zone, and sandy in the middle zone. The low zone is characterized by alluvial deposits of open texture - argillaceous and clayey.
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