Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get to the winery (by car, public transport, etc.)?
    You can find out about different ways of getting to Santa Rita by checking the directions given here.
  2. What days is Santa Rita open to visitors?
    We are open every day, from 10am to 6pm.
  3. How much to the tours cost, and what do they comprise?
    You can find out all about the different tours on offer here.
  4. How can I make a reservation?
    You can make a reservation under the area of our website for the tour of your choice, or by calling + 56 2 2362 2520.
  5. Are children charged full price for tours?
    Most of our tours cost 3,000 Chilean pesos for children, with a juice tasting; the Ultra-Premium Tour costs 15,000 pesos for children.
  6. Are there any restaurants to have lunch at the winery?
    Absolutely: Restaurante Doña Paula is open every day except Mondays, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Prior reservations are required: email
    In addition, you can have lunch at the Café “La Panadería”, open from 10 am to 6 pm (except Monday), or enjoy a picnic in the gardens next to the Andean Museum and with views towards the vines (for more information, click here).
  7. What payment options are available at Santa Rita?
    You can pay with credit or debit cards, or in cash using Chilean pesos (foreign currencies are not accepted)
  8. Are animals allowed?
    Pets are not allowed due to compliance with the international certificate BRC (Global Food Safety Certification), which certifies the safety and quality of our wines. Only animals that are accompanied by a disability, such as a guide dog, are allowed.
  9. What activities are available at the winery?
    We offer a wide range of tours, entry to our on-site museum, by-the-glass tastings at the Wine Shop, lunch at Restaurante Doña Paula, informal meals at Café La Panadería, picnics, etc.
  10. If I reserve a tour, how much time in advance should I arrive?
    Ideally you should plan to arrive at the visitor center 20 minutes before the time when the tour is scheduled to begin, so plan your journey accordingly.
  11. Is the vineyard accessible for people with reduced mobility?
    Yes. We have an electric minibus that is constantly transferring visitors from the parking lot to the Tourism House and vice versa free of charge, thus helping to facilitate access. Also in the tours of the different tours we have ramps for wheelchair access.
  12. How long does it take to get to La Viña from Santiago?
    It will depend on the means of transport, although we are 45 minutes from Santiago. (For more information, click here).
  13. In what languages are the tours?
    We have regular tours in Spanish, English or Portuguese. (To consult tours, click here).
  14. Do you have a place to leave my backpack?
    We have free lockers with space for a backpack. For your use, please request the key at the Tourist House.
  15. What is the price of the entrance to the Museo Andino?
    The Andean Museum is free of charge and its operating hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.